arts of coming down to earth

arts of coming down to earth

This ongoing art & research project proposes that museums give up on object-centric politics of accumulation, and expand the field of maintenance practices to ecosystems that need repairing: forming more-than-human collectives for mutual care and planetary reparation.

At the crossroads between social sculpture, restorative ecology and activism, the process involves reclaiming degraded or abandoned ecosystems with the commitment of major art institutions, and engaging healing work to regenerate biodiversity, soil and multispecies consciousness.

‘Notes towards a permacircular museum’, project and installation at ZKM Museum, Karlsruhe
22 May 2020 — 28 February 2021

Paint, wax, cotton, wood, HD video, sound, performance, workshops

Project website:!/detail:notes-towards-a-permacirular-museum

The collaboration with ZKM involved the museum committing to restore and care for a nearby abandoned fruit orchard. This required the learning of specific skills like pruning and planting by the institution’s staff, as part of their work time. A special contractual agreement was made with the public land authority, which pioneered the inclusion of an ecosystem granted legal personhood within a local organization of labour.

I created a cosmogenic ritual aimed at « making kin » and connecting symbolically and physically the museum considered as a collective body, and the orchard as another multiple body. This winter pruning celebration was followed by other learning sessions and collective « sheltering » activities at the fruit forest, where we begin to observe a recovery of insect, bird and plant diversity.

In collaboration with a local group of hackers, I am currently working on incorporating open-source digital instruments to monitor biophysical evolutions and develop a DIY ecotechnological framework to evaluate the orchard’s well-being.

Thanks ZKM, Liegenschaftsamt Karlsruhe, Streuobstinitiative, Carmen Bouyer, OK Lab.

‘儲回大地的藝術’, public program at Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM) 19-20 December 2020 and ongoing

Symposium and workshop, publication, environmental action

TFAM commits to restore a 50 hectare secondary forest that was intensively logged for wood fuel, close to the museum. The project consists in native species re-introduction and soft interventions to make space for older, larger trees and biodiverse habitat.

Art professionals and museum leaders, eco-practitioners, activists and artists from across Taiwan attended the public program and signed the manifesto for Arts of Coming Down to Earth, thereby committing to a green transition for arts in Taiwan, and Earthly reparations.

Thanks TFAM, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Taipei Geotechnical Engineering Office